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About us

Climate Research Group is dedicated to advancing current understanding of climate change, including: climate variability (e.g. non-linear climate dynamics), ozone dynamics (e.g. variability in columnar ozone and its profile), the aerosol dynamics, radiation fields and natural disasters. This group has established and operates two WMO Stations (since 1989) and a UN Station (since 2002) regularly publishing data collected in international databases.


Main Group Members

  Varotsos Costas Professor covar@phys.uoa.gr
  Efstathiou Maria Post-Doctoral Researcher  
  Christodoulakis John  Post-Doctoral Researcher ichristo@phys.uoa.gr
  Kouremadas Giorgos Ph.D. Candidate gkoure@phys.uoa.gr
Fotaki Nefeli Ph.D. Candidate nfotaki@phys.uoa.gr 
  Kapsalis Nikos  Postgraduate Student   


Lampros Nikos

Karinou Foteini

Undergraduate Students