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Monographs and Books by Prof. C. Varotsos

1. MonographsPublished by Springer

(Data from: http://worldcat.org/identities/lccn-n97037562, with number of Editions)

1. Kondratyev, K.Ya. & Varotsos, C.A. (2000). Atmospheric ozone variability: implications for climate change, human health and ecosystems.London: Springer 624 pages, ISBN: 1-85233 635-8

(9 editions published in English and held by 183 WorldCat member libraries worldwide)


7. Krapivin, V.F. & Varotsos, C.A. (2007). Globalisation and sustainable development:  environmental agendas. Chichester: Springer 336 pages, ISBN: 978-3-540-70661-8

(21 editions published in English and held by 504 WorldCat member libraries worldwide)


2. Kondratyev, K.Ya., Grigoryev, A.A. & Varotsos, C.A. (2002). Environmental disasters: anthropogenic and natural. Chichester: Springer 528 pages, ISBN: 3-54043-303-1

(8 editions published in English and held by 260 WorldCat member libraries worldwide)


8. Krapivin, V.F. & Varotsos, C.A. (2008). Biogeochemical cycles in globalization and sustainable development. Chichester: Springer. 600 pages, ISBN: 978-3-540-75439-8

(16 editions published in English and held by 445 WorldCat member libraries worldwide)


3. Kondratyev, K.Ya., Krapivin, V.F. & Varotsos, C.A. (2003). Global carbon cycle and climate change. Chichester: Springer 392 pages, ISBN: 3-540-00809-8

(10 editions published in English and German and held by 275 WorldCat member libraries worldwide)


9. Cracknell, A.P., Krapivin, V.F. & Varotsos, C.A. (2008). Global climatology and ecodynamics:
anthropogenic driven changes to planet Earth. Chichester: Springer, 566 pages, ISBN: 978-3-540-78208-7

(18 editions published in English and held by 449 WorldCat member libraries worldwide)

4. Kondratyev, K.Ya., Krapivin, V.F., Savinykh, P. & Varotsos, C.A. (2004).  Global ecodynamics: a multidimensional analysis.Chichester: Springer 723 pages, ISBN: 3-540-20476-8

(2 editions published in German and English and held by 59 WorldCat member libraries worldwide)


10. Cracknell, A.P. & Varotsos, C.A. (2012). Remote sensing and atmospheric ozone: human activities versus natural variability. Springer 662 pages, ISBN: 978-3-642-10334-6

(14 editions published in English and held by 405 WorldCat member libraries worldwide)


5.  Kondratyev, K.Ya., Ivlev, L.S., Krapivin, V.F. & Varotsos, C.A. (2005). Atmospheric aerosol properties: formation processes, and impacts. Springer 608 pages, ISBN: 3-540-26263-6

(20 editions published in German and English)


11. Krapivin, V.F., Varotsos, C.A. & Soldatov, V.Yu. (2015). New ecoinformatics tools in environmental science. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, 924 pages, ISBN: 978-3-319-13977-7

(10 editions published in English and held by 262 WorldCat member libraries worldwide)

6. Kondratyev, K.Ya., Krapivin, V.F. & Varotsos, C.A. (2006). Natural disasters as interactive components of global ecodynamics. Chichester: Springer 616 pages, ISBN: 978-3-540-31344-1

(18 editions published in English and held by 557 WorldCat member libraries worldwide)



Each of the aforementioned international books (SPRINGER Monographs) was published after peer-review of 6 reviewers.


2. Monographs published by CRC (Taylor & Francis), etc


1. Varotsos, C.A., Nitu, K., Krapivin, V.F., (2018). Global Ecoinformatics; Theory and Applications. MATRIX ROM, 062510 (https://www.matrixrom.ro/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/GE4.pdf)   2. Cracknell, A.P., & Varotsos, C.A., (2019). Observing Global Climate Change (Second Edition). Taylor and Francis Ltd, London UK, Bristol USA. (First Edition by K. Ya Kondratyev & Craknell A.P.)

3. Monographs published in Greek

1. Varotsos C. & Karras G. (1997). Introductory Notes on the Physics of the Atmosphere, Athens, 210 pages, EKPA Publ.

2. Kondratyev, K. Ya. & Varotsos C. (1999). Environmental Physics and Chemistry. Vol.1: Radiation - Greenhouse - Climate Change, Athens. 190 pages, Travlos Publ.
3. Varotsos C. (2008). 1rst Edition (2001): Atmosphere and Aviation. Current environmental Problems. Health and Airline Flight. 2nd Edition: Atmosphere and Aviation. Athens, 444 pages, Symmetria Publ. 4. Varotsos C. (2011). Specific Chapters on Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry: Applications to the Climate System, Athens. 580 pages, Symmetria Publ. 


4. Chapters in International Books


1. Tropospheric Ozone Research: Tropospheric Ozone in the Regional and Sub-regional Context. Spatial and temporal variability of tropospheric ozone over Europe, Berlin, Springer-Verlag, Οystein H. (Ed), 1997.

2. The determination of geophysical parameters from Space (pp. 261-282), 24. Bristol: Institute of Physics Publ. N.E. Fancey, I.D. Gardiner & R.A. Vaughan (Eds.), 1997

3. Physical processes in the coastal zone: computer modeling and remote sensing: (pp. 199-220) CRC Press, A.P. Cracknell & E.S. Rowan, 1999.

4. Atmospheric ozone dynamics: observations in the Mediterranean region. NATO ASI Series, Series I: Global Environmental Change, 53, Berlin: Springer-Verlag & NATO Scientific Affairs Division Varotsos C (Ed), 2013.(also, New Scientist, 145,  p 49)

5. Remote sensing and global climate change (pp. 253-268). NATO ASI Series, Series I: Global Environmental Change, vol. 24. Berlin: Springer-Verlag & NATO Scientific Affairs Division, R.A. Vaughan & A.P. Cracknell (Eds.), 2013.

6. Atmospheric ozone: modelling and validation with satellite data F W Taylor, I M Vardavas, K.Y Kondratyev, C. Varotsos; P Barge, P Ehrenfreund; H Kochan Series: Physics and chemistry of the earth., Part C,, Solar-terrestrial and planetary science ; v. 24, no. 5 EGS Publ. Oxford : Pergamon, 1999