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Theoretical subjects of our research

Climate Variability

  • Climate variability (including natural oscillations) Non-linear dynamics of climate
  • Biogeochemical Cycles in Globalization and Sustainable Development
  • Modeling the interactive cycles of greenhouse gases and other chemicals Dynamical systems theory and stochastic processes in climate modelling The monitoring of chemical substances cycle in the environment
  • Nature-Society system and climate as its interactive component
  • Atmosphere-hydrosphere-cryosphere-lithosphere-biosphere coupled feedbacks


Ozone Dynamics

  • Variability of the global ozone column and vertical ozone profiles
  • Tropospheric and Stratospheric ozone dynamics
  • Variability of the solar ultraviolet radiation
  • Ozone and climate

Aerosol Dynamics

  • Aerosol and chemical processes in the atmosphere
  • Aerosol formation processes and evolution
  • Interactions between aerosols and clouds
  • Aerosol long-range transport and deposition
  • Climatic impacts of atmospheric aerosols

Natural Disasters

  • Natural disasters and survivability of ecological systems
  • Biocomplexity as a predictor of natural disasters
  • Natural disasters and mankind
  • Monitoring of natural disasters
  • Forecast of natural disasters
  • Interactivity of climate and natural disasters

Radiation Dynamics

  • Solar radiation variability
  • Terrestrial radiation
  • Radiation and clouds
  • Solar radiation impacts on the biosphere

Remote Sensing

  • Satellite instrumentation
  • Ground-based instrumentation
  • Aircraft - drone instrumentation