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Methods and instruments in environmental measurements – Data analysis

  • In situ meteorological measurements (laboratory experiment)
  • In situ measurements of air quality (laboratory experiment)
  • Atmospheric remote sensing using laser techniques (4 hours): lidar technique, Klett method, Raman method, description of lidar instrument, advanced lidar applications, satellite-based lidar
  • Radar measurements (laboratory experiment)
  • Tropospheric and stratospheric ozone measurements (laboratory experiment)
  • Specialized field experiments

Selection and implementation of 2 laboratory experiments:

  • Exercise 1: Atmospheric Boundary Layer top height lidar measurements (4 hours)
  • Exercise 2: Vertival aerosol profiles at Athens (4 hours)
  • Exercise 3: Aerosol optical properties with the use of ground based and satellite based lidar measurements (4 hours)
  • Exercise 4: Sensitivity analysis of Klett method (4 hours)
  • Exercise 5: Experimental determination of overlap function (4 hours)